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01. Helicopter Game - 359631
02. Giraffe Attack - 220352
03. Bloody Penguin Swing - 144669
04. Lemonade stand - 136883
05. Kitten Cannon - 109831
Top Rated
01. This is the Only Level - 9.99
02. Obey The Game - 9.99
03. Straw Hat Samurai - 9.83
04. Hedgehog Launch - 9.83
05. Storm The House 3 - 9.80
Top Players
01. capstone - 5519
02. chicken - 5495
03. madnipples - 3455
04. tyler hinkle - 2816
05. taylor hinkle - 2732
Puzzle Games
More Bloons More Bloons

Blow up as many balloons as you can with darts
Viridian Room Viridian Room

Sequel to Crimson Room, escape another room!
Planarity Planarity

Untangled a web so that no lines cross each other
Virtual Knee Surgery Virtual Knee Surgery

Do knee surgery at home!
Ball Bounce Ball Bounce

Try to bounce the ball to the end of the level
Gridlock Gridlock

Get the blue square out of traffic
Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter

Get the same color bubble connected
Yen Neko Yen Neko

Get the cat to the goal
Paintball - The Game Paintball - The Game

Paint lines to move a ball to the goal
The Idiot Test The Idiot Test

Are you an idiot?
Rumble Ball 4 Rumble Ball 4

Hit a ball around and try to get as many points as possible
String Avoider String Avoider

Move a string around a ton of levels avoiding objects
Hapland 3 Hapland 3

The 3rd sequel to the popular Hapland series
Sudoku Sudoku

Solve an unlimited amount of sudoku puzzles
Arrow Tag Arrow Tag

A obstacle course for your mouse
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction

Get as many reactions to happen with one click
Orbox Orbox

Bounce of walls yo get to the end of the puzzle
Crimson Room Crimson Room

Figure out how to get out of the room
Snow Storm Snow Storm

Clear out parking lots filled with snow
Mansion Impossible Mansion Impossible

Buy and sell houses to eventually buy the mansion
The Classroom The Classroom

Can you cheat on the test?
Ball Revamped 2 Ball Revamped 2

Fight gravity while trying to get the ball to the end
3D Logic 3D Logic

Link the colors up without disturbing another color
Marvin Spectrum Marvin Spectrum

Test your reflexes
War Bears War Bears

Save the hostages
Lunchtime Lunchtime

Solve the puzzle and serve lunch
Hapland Hapland

Solve the puzzle
Warthog Launch Warthog Launch

Kill all the aliens with a Warthog
Hapland 2 Hapland 2

Solve the puzzle
Zoo Keeper Zoo Keeper

Match animals before the time runs out
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