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01. Helicopter Game - 359737
02. Giraffe Attack - 220482
03. Bloody Penguin Swing - 144785
04. Lemonade stand - 137130
05. Kitten Cannon - 109940
Top Rated
01. This is the Only Level - 9.99
02. Obey The Game - 9.99
03. Straw Hat Samurai - 9.83
04. Hedgehog Launch - 9.83
05. Storm The House 3 - 9.80
Top Players
01. capstone - 5519
02. chicken - 5495
03. madnipples - 3455
04. tyler hinkle - 2816
05. taylor hinkle - 2732
Puzzle Games
Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge

Create bridges to support various things carried over them
Demolition City Demolition City

Destroy buildings by laying explosives and watching it fall
Minim Minim

Combine numbers and symbols in this puzzle game
Sneeze Sneeze

Spread the Swine Flu by sneezing on others!
Splitter Splitter

Split objects to cause a ball to move to the end of the level.
GemCraft GemCraft

Defend your castle in this gem themed tower defense game
The Line Game Orange The Line Game Orange

Run a line through multiple levels avoiding obstacles
Shift Shift

Shift into different levels to finish the puzzle
99 Bricks 99 Bricks

Stack em' as high as you can
Globetrotter Globetrotter

How well do you know cities all over the world?
Spin the Black Circle Spin the Black Circle

Have fun with physics spinning a black circle.
Tentadrill Tentadrill

Level up and gain more powers... as a squid!
Star Shine 2 Star Shine 2

Light up as many stars as possible in this puzzle game
HDOS Databank request 1 HDOS Databank request 1

Complete a fun series of puzzles
Light-Bot Light-Bot

Guide a wonderful bot around with a series of commands
The World's Hardest Game The World's Hardest Game

Lose, you'll just lose
Linkaball Linkaball

Link, a ball, and some more balls for a awesome combo
Drag the Dot Drag the Dot

Drag a dot avoiding various objects
Untangle Untangle

Fix the tangle of wires!
Shuffle Shuffle

Knock balls off of a board
Cursor*10 Cursor*10

Cooperate with yourself to get to the 16th floor
Mass Attack Mass Attack

Try to level it all out
Click Maze 2 Click Maze 2

Click... through the maze 2!
Pac-Xon Pac-Xon

Jezz Ball in pacman form
Chat Noir Chat Noir

Enclose the Cat
Portal Portal

Flash version of the Half Life 2 mod portal
Avalanche Avalanche

How high can you get?
String Avoider 2 String Avoider 2

String Avoider is back!
Bloons Players Pack 1 Bloons Players Pack 1

More bloons, with this new wacky maps!
Nodes Nodes

Shoot lasers through nodes
Orbox B Orbox B

Great Puzzle game, Sequel to Orbox
Dice Wars Dice Wars

How high can you roll?
Starshine Starshine

Shoot all the stars down
The Impossible Quiz The Impossible Quiz

Well almost impossible... Good Luck!
Plupon Plupon

Add 3 orbs to 10
Levers Levers

Balance many objects and don't let them fall into the water
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